The Real Cost Of Traveling – Greece

One question I get asked often either from friends back home or people on the road is, “How can you afford to be traveling for a year?” They often think I must come from money. That is so not the case. I am far from a Trust Fund baby.  It really comes down to hard work and dedication to saving for this goal. I sold my soul for a while and put aside the desire for new clothes and fancy dinners. I chose travel over living the high life in San Francisco.

But that is not the point of this post. I have been tracking my expenses and plan on posting my total expenses for each country I visit to give you all an idea of what this type of travel really costs. I hope that by doing this I  can inspire others to save towards their dreams of travel!

My first stop in the journey was Greece. I spent a total of 50 days there and my total cost was $1,318.96.  Average Daily Spending = $26.38

Even The World's Top Destinations Can Be Affordable

The Breakdown is as follows:

Lodging   $0.00 (was lucky enough to couchsurf the while time I was there)

Food (some of this includes cocktails) : $702.60 / Daily Average $14.05

Cocktails (money spent purely on drinks): $261.86 / Daily Average $5.24

Activities (museum entrance fees): $15.71 / Daily Average $0.31

Transportation (ferries, subways, taxi, buses):   $179.29 / Daily Average $3.59

Clothing:   $29.29 / Daily Average $0.59

Gear (toiletries):  $19.43 / Daily Average $0.39

Misc (local cellphone): $110.79  / Daily Average $2.22

2 Responses to “The Real Cost Of Traveling – Greece”
  1. 50 days for just above 1.3K! Congrats. I manage to burn that money for my 15 days vacation (ok, with accommodation) 🙂

    • Thanks Stavros! I could have also easily burnt through the money in 2 weeks but that is the difference between vacationing and traveling. When you are long term traveling you need to budget yourself accordingly. This amount was done by limiting my nice meals, not buying many souvenirs and cooking for myself a lot. Glad you found the post informative. Check back soon, I am going to put up my total spending after a month in Bali soon!

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