Music Makes The World Go Round

BootsnAll 30 Days of Indie Travel Project


Prompt #3: MUSIC

Music and travel memories often go hand in hand. A song can inspire out explorations, or it can take us back to a specific place and time. Tell us about your travel playlist and what it means to you.


When I lived in San Francisco I could not walk down the street or ride the bus without my iPod. I needed to drown out the city noise. Now on the road I rarely listen to any of my own music. Yes, it still is a lifesaver on long bus rides but now more often or not I am headphone free. Soaking in the sounds of my temporary environments. Sometimes it is the noise of traffic, bad Asian pop music, drunken karaoke, or the soothing sounds of nature. 

These are the melodies of my journeys:

Santorini, Greece: Horrendous club music on repeat. The howling wind the rattled our house nightly. Friends making me play numerous songs on repeat.

Turkey: The call to prayer. No matter what part of the country you are in this sound is inescapable.

Bali: The sound of waves crashing. I had missed this sound and it immediately made me feel at home. The roar of the crowds and the ritual music at the cremation of the queen of Ubud.

Singapore: The squeals of delight of my new friends and I as we gorged on street food!

Malaysia: The pounding tropical downpours in the Cameron Highlands. The surprisingly good music at a rooftop club in Kuala Lumpur.

Thailand: An orchestra of constant bartering. “For you special price, Lucky Price.” The amazing voice of a man singing acoustic reggae at “Edible Jazz” in Pai. The tradition music being played by school children at the Naga Fireball Festival.

Laos: The laugh track from episodes of “Friends” on repeat in Vang Viene.

Vietnam: The incessant horn honking in Hanoi.

These are the sound that have been accompanying me for the last eight months. They are the things that keep me company. The almost tactile memories of the places that I have been and the people that I have met. 


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