Facing The Unknown of 2012

It has been 10 months now since I left my job and home in San Francisco and hit the road. In that time I have meet an amazing group of people and seen some sights that I will hold in my mind’s eye forever.


A few days ago I booked a flight to the Philippines mostly due to the fact that I could use my Hawaiian Airlines miles to get me back to Maui for free from Manila, hello Travel Hacking! My other reason will have to stay private for the time being. While I know that Maui is not where I want to settle long term I was at a loss for other places to go. I have seen a good part of Asia and while I have enjoyed parts of it immensely and would not trade my time here for anything, it has never grabbed my soul. I have not found a spot where I could see myself staying long term. Another option I considered was India. I dream of going to India and eating till I can’t eat anymore and buying sari’s in every color! India though seems like way too much sensory overload for this girl to do on her own, at least at this point in time. Also, I admit that traveling for this long is tiring. That is not something you hear most Travel Bloggers say… In fact, most of them seem to never get over the endless backpacker party scene or sleeping in hostel dorm rooms. On the road though you do hear the same few grumbles from fellow travelers about getting tired of moving their bags every 3 to 4 days, missing having a favorite local cafe or bar, and for me I miss having my own kitchen I think the most.


So as I face this change of year and start to process my hopes and desires for next year I have been really thinking of how I can fund my travels for longer (because god knows that going back to waiting tables in Wailea will kill my Soul) but also manage to stay in a place for longer than 10 days. Putting this out there I hope will have the same effect as when I started telling people that I was going to take this trip. Voicing your dreams forces you to make them a reality. Right?


1. Become a Location Independent Travel Blogger –

Well seeing as I didn’t manage to keep this blog updated as much as I hoped before I set off. I don’t see this being a reality. Plus, how do they really make money? It is not a secret that they seem to want to share. But, hey if any of you are reading this and want to share a little bit of your mojo with me…. PLEASE DO!!!

2. Teach English –

I have met countless travelers here in Asia that have just finished working in Korea or other parts of Asia. This seems like a viable option. Actually it is the one I am considering strongest. Although for me it won’t be in Asia, I still dream of settling somewhere in Latin America and improving my Spanish. Or there is always Europe 😉

3. Open My Dream Guest House –  

Seeing as I have yet to have scouted my dream location this one might be a few more years away still 😦

4. Win the Lottery –

Nuff Said.

Facing the Unknown. Sometimes it isn't Black or White. Or in this case Jungle or Beach

11 Responses to “Facing The Unknown of 2012”
  1. I can’t help but get goosebumps everytime I read about your travels. 10 months! wow!

  2. You can do whatever you set your mind to do! I am sure of it! =)

    Teaching English seems to be a popular thing here also in Istanbul. I’ve met many young expats that do this as well as private tutoring. The money and job allows them to travel and explore Turkey as well as places in nearby Europe.

    And if you learn how to make money travel blogging, let me in on the secret too! lol

    Best wishes in 2012!

  3. Some really superb information, Sword lily I discovered this. “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” by Mark Twain.

  4. Cameron says:

    If you set up a guesthouse I promise to come there at some point and drink loads of beer. Loads and loads of beer. 😀

  5. jkozak86 says:

    We should set up a guest house somewhere in Costa Rica or somewhere else in Latin America. I’ve always dreamed of backpacking through Latin America, improving my Spanish and living a bohemian life down there.

    By the way, that photo is stunning…The sand is such a great color.

    • Sounds like we have similar dreams 😉 This spot in Vietnam was one of the most interesting place I have ever seen. One side of the stream looked like you were on Saturn the other the Amazon. Seriously Trippy!

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