Southeast Asia Travel Highlights ~ 2012 Indie Travel Challenge Week 5

Southeast Asia Highlights:

Southeast Asia. The well frolicked backpackers trail. From: “Waterfalls? Caves?” Laos. “Tuk Tuk? Boom. Boom?” Thailand. Blank stares = Vietnam. “Transport. Transport?” Bali. Hostels with wifi. Elephant tours. Rice paddies. Buckets of cocktails. Speaking of which you can’t talk about Backpacking through SE Asia and not mention the ridiculous tribe that seems to be swarming the region. If you’ve been you know the ones I am talking about, but I think Nomadic Matt address the issue the best in his article, “Why Are backpackers in Southeast Asia So Stupid?” Phosphorescence in the ocean, I highly suggest diving in wearing a mask! Oh Southeast Asia at times you are spectacular and at others dirty and overwhelming.

When I reflect on my travels through Asia my strongest memories are pristine beaches, fantastic scenery seen from the back of a motorcycle and endless amounts of delicious street food.

I have traveled through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

If I could press the rewind button and return to one place and time it would be Koh Rong, Cambodia. Koh Rong is sometimes referred to as Monkey Island in the backpackers word of mouth circuit. This is due to the popular hostel, Monkey Republic, in Sihanoukville that books the return boat ride ($15) to and from the island. Koh Rong was just announced as one of the 45 places to go in 2012 according to The New York Times.  The island is gorgeous and un-crowded, but get there soon as the secret seems to be getting out!

My favorite day experience in Southeast Asia was riding a motorcycle over the Hi Van Pass in Vietnam. I jumped on the back of a bike and joined my friends who bought bikes in Hanoi and rode them all the way to Saigon. In total there was five bikes and this was the only ride of their’s where not a single bike had mechanical issues. Experiencing the A1, breathing dust, watching the scenery change from beach to mountains to beach. Spectacular. I highly recommend experiencing Vietnam on a bike at least once!

My Hai Van Pass Motorcycle Gang

These are my favorite spots and moments from a little over five months of traveling Southeast Asia. What are yours?

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Week 5 Prompt: If you’ve traveled in Asia, what’s your favorite destination? Share a story of one of your best experiences in Asia, or tell us about a place you love.


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