How to be an Exhibitionist in Southeast Asia

How to be an Exhibitionist

in Southeast Asia

Do you have an interest in expanding your global sexual conquests? Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist? Do you get off on doing kinky deeds in public? Does the idea of being caught excite you? If so I have five suggestions in Southeast Asia that might interest you!

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is a popular party town on the coast of southern Vietnam. The backpacking scene is rowdy and prevalent. While visiting this beach resort town you will undoubtedly be tempted with the idea to visit Vinpearl. This is a water park/amusement park located on a privately owned island off the coast. The cost when I was there in November 2012 was 360 Dong. This cost includes the round trip gondola ride and all access to the amusement park, waterslides and arcade. To get to the resort you have to take a 3.3 kilometer gondola ride from the mainland to the resort island. It is the longest sea-crossing cable system in the world. My advice, get a gondola to your self and enjoy some high-flying private time. Trust me my boyfriend is still pissed he did not understand why I did not want to ride in the same gondola as our friends. Do not miss your chance. 😉

Mui Ne, Vietnam

My second elicit suggestion is also is in Vietnam. The little town of Mui Ne has plenty of charm on its own besides its multitude of secluded places. Fairy Springs is one of the most unusual places I have ever been and I highly suggest that as well if you happen to pass through this surf town. The creme de la creme for getting freaky in this town though is the red sand dunes. The sand dunes are a popular place to visit all times of day, you can rent pieces of cardboard from the local children and slide down the mounds of sands. It is a natural slide. My naughty suggestion is to visit at sunset. Walk a bit out of the public eye and arouse your partner to a little oral treat!

Pai, Thailand

Pai is located in Northern Thailand and is one of those towns that you can easily get stuck in for longer than expected. Most tend to linger here longer than expected. The town itself is small and can easily be explored by foot in a day or two. After a few days of walking around, reading, chilling in hammocks at your guesthouse and eating curry from the lady at the night market you might start to get a little restless. The country side in Pai is breathtaking and best explored by motorbike. I suggest jumping on the back of a bike with your beau. Make sure to hold him tightly as you explore hot springs and waterfalls. Meander aimlessly till you find some remote rice paddies. Than take a walk deep into them and then get just as deep into whatever you can imagine!

Coron, Philippines

The Philippines are best explored when you get far far far away from the cities and into the middle of nature. The best thing I did in the Philippines was a 2 night 3 day camping and island hopping trip. It was so fun I actually did it twice, but that is another story. I stumbled upon Abandon Paradise Expedition while doing some research on couchsurfing. The owner is a young man named Don who grew up in Coron and had been taking friends to his secret paradise for years. The moral of this story is to find a local who can take you to a little private island were you and a select few can frolic on a private island, build bonfires, drink rum and camp. Enjoy the quite days and even quieter nights. Swim with phosphorescences, drink red horses, skinny dip and most importantly make animal noises in your tent!

Koh Rong, Cambodia

If you are a long time reader of this blog you will be familiar with Koh Rong. This is the one place in Southeast Asia I can not stop raving about. It is the most beautiful spot I frolicked in the whole region! The island is a two-hour boat ride from the mainland of Cambodia. Few people know of this little piece of paradise. There are miles of secluded white sand beaches with crystal clear waters. Take my advice and GO to this island. Bring along someone you like and hike to the far side of the island. Bring a sarong to lie on, tan nude, frolic in the ocean and enjoy your own private heaven. Once you get there the only tough choice is which type of naughty activity should you partake in. My advice, do as many as you can! 😉

Do you know of any other tempting spots?

Share them in the comments.

I am always up for a little kinky inspiration 😉

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6 Responses to “How to be an Exhibitionist in Southeast Asia”
  1. ayan says:

    too bad i failed to check out Pai last time i was in Chianmai. i read a lot of good things about the place already =)

  2. This is hilarious! Now I just need to find the boyfriend to have these experiences with.

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