Bucket List Item #13: Be An Expat

Bucket List Item #13: Be An Expat

Something a little personal today…

          It has been almost a year exactly since I left San Francisco. It was the first week of April 2011 that I said goodbye to my friends who had become my family over the previous five years of life in San Francisco.

          I find it a little ironic that I type this from Northern California after all those months of travel and countless life changing experiences. That I am here again saying hello and yet another “See you later” to the same group of friends before setting off on my next adventure.

          A week from today I will be on an airplane halfway around the world. I am crossing off an item on my 2012 Indie Travel List number 13 on my bucket list to be precise.



Hamburg looks pretty... One of the few things I know about it!

          “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” according to American author Diana Scharf Hunt. So this is the year that this dream of mine had to be scheduled into becoming a reality. I am moving to Germany. Hamburg to be exact. I know nothing about Hamburg other than it is the second largest city in Germany, it is a port city, and I have to become a St. Pauli football fan to survive my new set of hooligan friends. Oh and that there is this man there I really like! 😉 I know about 5 words in German and none of them are worth repeating in public. Have any of you ever moved to a place you haven’t been to before?

          I am taking a leap of faith! Slowing down. Focusing on a different part of my life than WANDERLUST. I’m working on just the LUST part this time. Taking the lessons I learned last year on the road and turning them inward. Still following my heart but in new directions.

          So wish me luck as I set out on this new adventure. If any of you have moved abroad before and have any advice please share it! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

          I’ll still be posting about my frolicking and I hope to frolic around Europe a bunch this summer. A trip to Umbria, Italy is already planned for the TBU Conference in April. I also refuse to leave that part of the world without making it to AFRICA!

So here I go… A few deep breaths, a little rambling and I’m off to becoming an expat!


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11 Responses to “Bucket List Item #13: Be An Expat”
  1. How exciting!!! Becoming an expat is on my bucket list as well. I’ll be reading all of your posts and following you along in all your journeys…so excited for you!

    Africa is a must…maybe I’ll meet you in Morocco! 😉

  2. Cabbie Notes says:

    Best wishes on your bold adventure. Cheers.

  3. ayan says:

    all the best…

  4. myturkishjoys says:

    Iyi yolculuklar! Fabulous news! 95% of the time I love being expat and miss few things from my American life besides family/friends, pork and Dr. Pepper. My best words of advice: network, network, network. And remember, there’s a lot of cheap flights from Germany to Turkey! 😉

    • I’m already missing cilantro, tortillas and the sunshine but all it well here! Thanks for the advice! How did you network and what did you do about learning the language? Who knows maybe I’ll swing by for a visit and bring some pig products they love there swine here 😉

      • eurobondgirl says:

        Two words. Index cards! spent two years in Germany and started learning the every day language by index cards. I wrote down commonly used words and phrases and posted them around the apartment and by the front door so I could remind myself each day before I ventured out. At the end of my two years as I prepared to move, I collected all the index cards into a pile, contemplated throwing them away, but stopped short. German is a hard language and those cards are a part of my life. I wouldn’t trade the experience or my index cards for anything. Danke = Thank you; Guten Tag – Good Morning, Genau = exactly, Ich Liebe Dich = I love you. These will get you far!

  5. eurobondgirl says:

    Guten Morgen = Good Morning; Guten Tag = Good Day; Guten Nacht = Good Night.

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