The Quest for the Holy Cannoli

Cannoli iPhoneography

The Quest for the Holy Cannoli.

10 days in Italy, 1 mission!


My father was born and raised in the Bronx. His father and grandfather were undertakers with ties to Charlie “Lucky” Luciano . No joke. It is from him, I get my Italian half. This is the half of me that talks with my hands, thinks roasted garlic might just be heaven and sops up sauce with bread.

On the rare occasions that my grandmother would make the trip from NYC to Maui she would always bring a box of cannoli from Little Italy with her. As long as I can remember they have been one of my favorite treats. Cannoli are traditionally Sicilian, which might explain the scarcity on my trip, but in America they are your typical Italian treat. Cannoli consists of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta sometimes chopped pistachios, semi-sweet chocolate bits, and candied citrus peel or cherries are included or used as a garnish.

Italy is the 27th country I’ve visited, it has long eluded me. On my first trip to Europe I planned to go from Nice to Rome but missed unfortunately missed the train. So, when I knew that I was in fact finally making it to Italy for the TBU Conference I had big eating plans and connoli were of the of things I was most excited about!

As I walked around Pisa my first day in the country following my nose I stumbled upon a gorgeous display of cannoli. It was this display that led to the idea that I should eat every connoli I came across. Therefore…

The quest for the holy cannoli was born!


  1. Pisa: Small but powerful. Good crunch light filling. Wonderful citrus after taste wish I had got a big one! 0.80 Euros from Salza Bakery.

  2. Bologna: Stale shell and thick filling. 1 Euro from Il Duea D’amakfi Enoteca.

  3. Bologna: Very nice airy pastry with a fluffy ricotta center.  0.80 Euros from Gamberini Bakery.

Honorable Mention: 

What can only be described as a Holy Cannoli Pie! One of the highlights of my trip to Italy was a lunch at Terre Margaritelli that was ended with this unexpected high note. This meal was so superb and the couple who runs this winery were so fantastic that it deserves a whole post of its own in the future  but if you want a sneak preview of the rest of the meal check out what Jodi of Legal Nomads wrote about the winery for Hipmunk. While not a traditional cannolo it had the same flavors and ingredients. I’ll admit to eating two slices of this pie! 

The Winner, aka The Holy Cannoli:

Of the three cannoli I had in my short time in Italy the one that comes out on top is… The cannolo from Salza Bakery in Pisa. This tiny treat had the most flavor of the three. The citrus aftertaste was what really pushed it ahead of the competition for me. 

I hope to return to Italy sooner than later to eat more cannoli and who knows maybe even find a grandmother to teach me how to make some! Do you have a favorite Italian treat I should know about for my next trip? 


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Stuffing My Face With Cannoli Pie!

Cannoli iPhoneography

2 Responses to “The Quest for the Holy Cannoli”
  1. Katja says:

    Another Sicilian one: arancini. Bloody hell they’re amazing. Rice with whatever filling you want in the centre (trad. ragu or burro, but I also love alla norma), rolled in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. Not for the dieters among us, but definitely worth a try.

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