My Favorite Frolicking Travel Companion Is Dying


My Favorite Frolicking Travel

Companion Is Dying


While I often sing the praises of traveling alone I must admit I’ve had a very special travel companion since 2008. This companion has been with me in 5 continents, 18 countries and countless cities. Oh, the frolicking memories!

I have had blind faith in this companion to provide me maps, help me find somewhere to sleep and eat, to entertain me, even to help my stay grounded and remember to call home.

This is best friend material.

I am constantly standing up for this companion when those who meet him for the fiest time laugh at his appearance, archaic sense of style and faltering mobility.

It is with that I emplore your to help me update my iPhone 3G. Any donation you can give to his drastic need for new organs 😉 would mean the world to us. He is tired of being bullied and picked last in the twitter and instagram game at recess.

If there is donor out there generous to solely provide me with a new travel companion I will gladly donate advertising space or skinny dip in the harbor of Hamburg for you ammusement!


To donate please contact me at! 


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