My first stop in my RTW  journey was Greece. I spent a total of 50 days there and my total cost was $1,318.96.  Average Daily Spending = $26.38

Even The World's Top Destinations Can Be Affordable

The Breakdown is as follows:

Lodging   $0.00 (was lucky enough to couchsurf the while time I was there)

Food (some of this includes cocktails) : $702.60 / Daily Average $14.05

Cocktails (money spent purely on drinks): $261.86 / Daily Average $5.24

Activities (museum entrance fees): $15.71 / Daily Average $0.31

Transportation (ferries, subways, taxi, buses):   $179.29 / Daily Average $3.59

Clothing:   $29.29 / Daily Average $0.59

Gear (toiletries):  $19.43 / Daily Average $0.39

Misc (local cellphone): $110.79  / Daily Average $2.22

2 Responses to “Greece”
  1. Tanya says:

    Do you think you could have managed without the local cellphone?

    • As I was living there for 2 months I used the phone quite a bit to contact my friends I was sharing an apartment/vehicle with. Otherwise if I was on my own I could have gone without the phone. Although I usually do buy a chap local SIM incase of emergencies

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