When you arrive in Singapore you immediately notice that it is not like the rest of SE Asia. The streets are clean, the people are very well dressed and there is practically no traffic. The other thing you realize right away is how expensive it is! I only spent two nights there and to be honest I barely saw anything but I did manage to spend a good chunk of change.

I spent 2 nights and barely 3 days in Singapore. My total costs were $64.83 or $77.80 SPD with a conversion rate of $1 = $1.20 Singaporean Dollar. This made my average daily spending $21.61. I spent that much with really only one day of exploring; I arrived late the first night and left early the third day.

 The Breakdown Is As Follows: USD 

LODGING:  $43.33 / DAILY AVERAGE $14.44

FOOD: $12.75 / DAILY AVERAGE $4.25


TRANSPORTATION (Metro, Buses):   $4.58 / DAILY AVERAGE $1.53

MISC (Bangles from Little India):   $4.17 / DAILY AVERAGE $1.39


How I Could Have Done It For Less:

To be honest, I don’t think I could have. In fact I could have spent a lot more. I only ate at the Food Courts that offer all kinds of cheap dishes or at little local Indian Shops. I stayed at the cheapest hotel I could find with rooms when I arrived at 10pm hungover and amazed I made my flight out of Bali. I didn’t do any activities, didn’t go to the zoo, didn’t even go see the fancy building. In fact I barely saw anything out of the four block radius that was around my hostel. It was Little India, and the colors and food there entertained me enough for my one day there. The food in Singapore is reason alone to go back. I hope to some day! 

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