In the last 10 months I  have found myself in Thailand three times. The figures used below are an average taken from the first two times that I visited the Land of Smiles. Each time I return to this country I love it a little bit more. The people are great, the weather is good, the scenery diverse and have I mention the Green Papaya Salad?

The two trips were in August & September of 2011.

Combined on those two trips I spent a total of 20 days in Thailand. My total costs were $463.51 or 13,659.50 THB with a conversion rate of $1 = 29.47 BAHT. This made my average daily spending $23.18

The Breakdown Is As Follows: USD 

LODGING:  $81.78 / DAILY AVERAGE $4.09

FOOD: $86.04 / DAILY AVERAGE $4.30


ACTIVITIES (Entrance Fee’s, White Water Rafting, Cooking Class): $125.11 / DAILY AVERAGE $6.26

TRANSPORTATION (Tuk Tuk’s, Metro, Buses):   $95.94 / DAILY AVERAGE $4.75

CLOTHING:   $13.57 / DAILY AVERAGE $0.68

GEAR (Sim Card, New Journal, Malaria Pills):  $26.09 / DAILY AVERAGE $1.30

How I Could Have Done It For Less:

Transportation & Activities were my biggest areas of spending that aren’t deemed a necessity.  I don’t really think I could have eaten or slept for any cheaper than I did. It helps that the street food is so good in Thailand!

I did cover a lot of land in the 20 days I was in Thailand in those two trips. The first time I was rushing to catch a flight out from Bangkok overland from Malaysia so I took a long train ride with no days of non-travel to balance out the spending ratio. The second trip I am still not really sure why I left the country so quickly. Sometimes this kind of travel just unfolds that way, it is the great thing about being free to let the wind take you wherever it will. Although covering a lot of land in a shot amount of time will always raise you daily costs.

I did some pricey activities while I was in Northern Thailand. I did a two-day/one-night whitewater rafting trip that was 2,500 BAHT so almost $100. Thinking back on this trip and this activity is one of the highlights of the whole 10 months of traveling so far. While not as extreme as the rafting trip I did in New Zealand, I did meet great people who I have since traveled with and seen in two countries. So for me that is well worth the money! 

Cameron Stop Trying To Hide Your CROCS!!!!!

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  1. Cameron says:

    I have never worn crocs and that photo is clearly photoshopped!

    • Liar

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