Turkey the land of kabobs, shisha, natural wonders and biblical relics. It was here that I experienced my first squatting toilet, saw my first burka and was reassured repeatedly my men in casual conversation, “Not to worry, I won’t rape you.” This was a rough country to travel as a solo female but I would still recommend it for people traveling in pairs or groups or for the experienced solo female traveler.
Mystical Turkey

I spent a total of 27 days there and my total cost was $1,100.25 USD.  Average Daily Spending = $40.75 USD.

The Breakdown is as Follows (USD):

Lodging:  $183.23 / Daily Average $6.79

Food: $180.51 / Daily Average $6.69

Cocktails: $11.24 / Daily Average $0.42

Entertainment (Movie Theater, Shisha):  $10.11 / Daily Average $0.37

Activities (2 Night 3 Day Tour, Hot Air Balloon Ride): $481.04 / Daily Average $17.82

Transportation (ferries, subways, taxi, buses):   $161.24 / Daily Average $5.97

Clothing:   $32.02 / Daily Average $1.19

Gear (toiletries):  $8.12 / Daily Average $0.30

Misc: $14.61  / Daily Average $0.54

Visas: $18.15 / Daily Average $0.67

How could I have done if for less?

I was only in Turkey for 27 days but managed to squeeze in a lot of sight seeing in that time which helped led to my high daily average of spending. You could lessen this amount my staying put in some places for more than one night at a time unlike what I did. Buses trips across the country added up quickly. Although taking night buses can save you a nights accommodation. In addition I would have couchsurfed more often if I wasn’t traveling alone. It was a hard country to do this as a solo female, not the safest but if you chose to I recommend staying only with other females or expats. I could have also spend less if I choose not to do the # day tour of Eastern Turkey and go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia but what would the fun of that been? Some of my favorite moments from my time in Turkey happened on those trips. While being frugal lets you travel longer you also must remember that it is okay to splurge on yourself once in a while.


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