2011 Map & Stats

In 9 months: 04/2011 – 12/2011

I have made

68 stops Covering

73444 km / 45638 miles

Visiting 11 countries

8 Responses to “2011 Map & Stats”
  1. ayan says:

    im still dreaming for that round-the-world trip.
    first, i need to get a job. haha

    • Yeah a job help in the saving money part of the plan 😉 Now I am the stage where I need to figure out how to make money with no real job so I can continue this trip through all of 2012!

  2. greglewry says:

    Hey! Awesome blog. Was just wondering how you get the travellerspoint map and stats on your blog- have been trying for ages to get something similar on mine? Many thanks!

    • Thanks Greg! It was actually a bit of a pain to put that page together. I too had been looking for a site for a long time with a map that could track my travels and be updated as I went along. Travellerspoint was finally what I was looking for but WordPress blocks their code. So I had to screen capture the images and than import them individually as media. A little time consuming….

  3. jkozak86 says:

    I’m on my round-the-world trip! So fun!

    • Yes, so much fun!! I don’t ever want this adventure to stop!! If you figure out the secret let me know! Where are you now?

      • jkozak86 says:

        I am currently in Chicago, my home base to figure out my next move! Ahhh!

      • I know all about trying to figure out the next move… I’ve been chilling in Hawaii for 6 weeks now trying to figure out the same! Good luck!

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